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How Are We Different?

Unlike most small- to medium-sized CPA firms, Kelley Sammons Toole & Ellison serves a diverse group of clients, providing us with a broad spectrum of experience across a variety of industries and business needs. Our seasoned partners and closely mentored staff are well equipped with both practical and technical know-how to support and augment the growth of our clients. We are not simply an IRS 1040 firm.

We are proud of the frequent referrals from other professionals such as attorneys, bankers, and retirement specialists who routinely send their clients to us for more specialized assistance, demonstrating their trust in our dependability, excellent service, and technical expertise.

Substantive partner-level engagement with the client results in higher quality results and benefit per client dollar expended – our clients recognize this value and tend to stay loyal to our firm for the long run. Eighty percent (80%) of our clients have been with us for eight (8) years or longer.

We encourage two-way communication with our clients throughout the year – there is no charge when you call us to discuss a new event or issue. Staying in touch enables us to address your concerns as they arise – why risk waiting for a once-a-year meeting as offered by other CPA firms?

Kelley Sammons Toole & Ellison’s firm personality may be our most distinctive asset. There is no stuffiness, bureaucracy or red tape – only prompt, responsive service for every client.

Cross Pollination Among Our Associates

Our people dig deep to find the best solution for each client. Although we value independent thinking and self-reliance, we encourage our employees to consult with the rest of the team to gain additional perspectives through the various backgrounds and experiences. Each employee is confident enough to put a client in touch with another Kelley Sammons Toole & Ellison associate or a non-Kelley Sammons Toole & Ellison professional if it best serves the client’s needs.