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Autumn Summons KST&E Football Loyalists to the Road and the Air!

Football fever is an integral part of autumn weekends for many KST&E associates.  From Tallahassee, FL to Phoenix, AZ, from State College, PA to Kansas City, MO, by car or by air, our colleagues usually find a way to take in at least one game. We polled the team to see just how far someone would travel to attend a football game this season. 
Notables include Jim’s trip to Phoenix for the BCS National Championship game – that trip was certainly worth it for Jim as he got to see his beloved Auburn Tigers emerge victorious. Deborah witnessed Georgia State’s inaugural game against Shorter College, with hopes of many years of exciting games to come with the new football tradition. During the Thanksgiving holidays, Emily made the trek to visit relatives in Pennsylvania, and took in both a Penn State game and a Super Bowl-bound Steelers game.   Jimmy attended his stepdaughter Katie’s bittersweet last high school cheerleading game as Milton High School played archrival Roswell High School. He also saw a Kansas City Chiefs game in Kansas City this year while visiting his son, Dan. Robin traveled with her son to Nashville to move in as a freshman at Vanderbilt and took advantage of that trip to watch Vandy play Eastern Michigan.  
In all, team members at KST&E, with one notable exception, attended over 20 games as Anna admitted: “I’m sorry to say I didn’t attend a single game.   Maybe my excuse is that I was a season ticket holder in Miami during the Dolphins’ perfect season, and nothing since then has measured up!” OK, Anna, you’re excused this year, but next season it will be time to get back on the football fanatic bandwagon!