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There is no one trick, shortcut, or textbook answer to maximizing profitability. You know your business and all its unique challenges. Yet, so often the demand of day-to-day operations prevents you from proactively focusing on the all-important analytical aspects of your business. That’s where Kelley Sammons Toole & Ellison comes in. You are free to run your operation while we focus on one critical aspect of your business – profitability.

Kelley Sammons Toole & Ellison's association with the Principa Alliance makes a substantial positive difference in our clients’ business successes. Principa’s globally proven profit enhancement program, augmented by our practical guidance, rewards our clients with the benefits of analytical tools, business performance-enhancing methodologies, training services, and even marketing collateral if needed. Example services include:

  • Product development and pricing

  • Production scheduling

  • Risk/opportunity evaluation

  • Employee adjustments

  • Cash flow management & cost control

  • Budgeting & operating projections

  • Business life cycle analysis

  • Capital investment analysis


The best solutions must often be mined like gems. Initially, the right questions are crucial. We ask those questions and then we listen, observing your daily operation through fresh eyes. We analyze the results with a variety of tools at our disposal, incorporating your subject matter expertise. Ultimately, Kelley Sammons Toole & Ellison offers client-specific practical solutions with an eye on enabling you to achieve the business profitability you seek.

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